Finding the right job candidates for a fair fee?

Do you want to attract the right talent to grow your business? You can! Through our transparent working method and data-driven approach, we deliver more qualitative leads in less time and for a fair price. 

Faster, better and cheaper

We make sure that you find the perfect match quickly and cost-efficiently and guarantee that we are faster, better and cheaper than our competitors. How do we do it? It's actually quite simple.

1. We use data analysis, automation and advanced technologies

Through data analysis, automation and the use of advanced technologies, we spend less time on peripheral issues and can be more focused.

2. Our team consists of experienced experts

Our team of experts know exactly what is needed at each stage of the recruitment process so that you always make the right decisions and no time or money is wasted. We don't work with off-the-shelf solutions, but really help you on a strategic level.

3. Using your budget for the right things

Because we have the knowledge, the tools, the tech and the drive, we can use your budget more broadly and for the right things.

And not only that: unlike other recruitment marketing agencies, we work with fixed fees, without keeping part of your budget for ourselves. So you know exactly where your money is going.

We can do this for you

Job Marketing

- Job boards
- Google for jobs
- Social media recruitment
- Display advertising

Employer branding

- Job value proposition
- Employee value proposition
- Candidate personas
- Content creation

Job Posting

- Job optimisation
- Writing job advertisements from scratch
- SEO optimisation


- Target group research
- Target group data & reach
- Competitive analysis
- Website analysis

Website & tech

- Working at
- ATS integration
- Process Automation
- Website conversion optimisation


- Strategic recruitment plan
- Growth plan
- Roadmap
- Interim Recruiters

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