Data analysis

Decisions based on measurable data

Why data analysis?

Many factors play a role in an optimal recruitment process. There are numerous choices, possibilities and opportunities. The choices you make here are decisive for finding your ideal candidates. These decisions should not be based on assumptions but on rock-solid data.

We analyse all possible parameters that influence the recruitment process. For example, we analyse where your target group is located, how you reach them, how your website scores and we do a competition study so that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. But: data in itself is just numbers. So based on analysis, our experts organise, interpret, structure and present this data in context. The result: useful information that forms the foundation for an effective and responsible recruitment process.

Target group research

With a target group survey, our experts examine where your target group is located and how you can reach them. This way, you recruit the right candidate more efficiently. 

In this way, you can use the most effective media and recruitment channels, professionalise your job communication and reach the talent you are looking for. 

Target group data and reach

A thorough in-depth data analysis of your target group and reach is indispensable for the recruitment process. Our experts gain real-time insight into what is happening in the labour market, where your target group is located and how this group moves. 

Data analysis also provides reliable information for lead generation because it gives us insight into details such as skills, interests and education of potential candidates. This allows you to reach the right candidates in a targeted and data-based way.

Competitive analysis

In addition to an analysis of your target group and reach, it is important to map out who your (regional and national) competitors are and how they operate. Our experts look at the successful elements of their strategy, but also analyse in which areas they fall short. In this way, we determine your distinctive capacity so that you can use strong USPs that stand out from those of your competitors.

Website analysis

A fast, distinctive and optimised website is key to attracting the right candidates. Our experts use various tools such as Google Lichthouse and SEMrush to find out how well the website is performing in terms of performance, SEO and authority score.

After a thorough website analysis, our auditor presents a report with general points of improvement and quick wins: simple actions that can be implemented with a few adjustments and immediately streamline the recruitment process. 

This is how we work

We look at exactly what you need in terms of data analysis to make your recruitment process more targeted and efficient. We work with prediction models and generate analysis reports. This is how we make data transparent, manageable and usable for a strategy. We come up with a well-founded plan of action in advance so that you know exactly what our cooperation looks like.

Why BW analytics for data analysis

We love data and are more thorough and advanced in this area than our competitors. Because measuring is knowing and only on the basis of data can you achieve targeted results without wasting budget on the wrong things.

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