Employer branding

Show what you have and attract the right talent

Why employer branding?

In order to effectively attract the right people, it is becoming increasingly important to show what you have to offer as an employer. 

As an organisation, you must therefore position yourself well as an employer brand. 

Our experts help you with a strong Employee value proposition, Job value proposition, candidate personas and creating the right content. With this you can make your vacancies distinctive and discover the 'soft spot' of your ideal candidates. Because attracting applicants is all about qualitative candidates: people with specific qualifications. By really appealing to people who fit your company, you reduce the chance of a 'bad hire'.

Employee value proposition

An employee value proposition (EVP) forms the basis for positioning your organisation as an attractive employer.

  • It is the value that you as a company have to offer to employees. Think top teams, diversity, global opportunities. 
  • It is the essence of your employer DNA and the basis for the internal and external perception of your employer brand.
  • With a strong EVP, your company stands out so you can attract and retain the right people.

value proposition

A job value proposition (JVP) forms the basis for positioning the vacancies for which you want to attract certain talent.

  • It is about the benefits of a specific job, for example, a lease car, travel time, salary benefits or sports season tickets.
  • A good, clear JVP helps attract quality candidates. Exactly the people you are looking for.
  • With a good JVP, you make your vacancies stand out and you stand out among your competitors.

Candidate personas

Creating candidate personas helps streamline the recruitment process. By working with our experts to determine which qualifications and characteristics ideal candidates have, it becomes easier to identify these people and get them to take action. In addition, you can manage the communication more effectively because you can target that group. With good candidate personas, you prevent recruiters from wasting time (and money) on the wrong people.

Benefits of candidate personas:

  • Creating more relevant job descriptions.
  • Insight into the best recruitment channels for candidates.
  • Aligning strategies.

Content creation

For a successful recruitment process you need good content that is tailored to a specific target group. Our experts provide result-oriented content based on the EVP, JVP and the carefully created personas. This way you can be sure that the content will appeal to the talent you are looking for.

This is how we work

We look precisely at what you need in the area of employer branding and ensure a strong employer brand that appeals to precisely the right target group. By carefully analysing target group data, we gain insight into what drives your target group. But we go one step further: by conducting an extensive competitor analysis, we know exactly what your distinguishing capacity is compared to that of other companies. 

Why BW analytics for employer branding?

Our experts provide an employer branding strategy that is guaranteed to work. By also connecting strong and targeted recruitment content to this, the positioning of your employer brand is rock solid.

Attracting talent that fits your organisation?

That is what we are going to do.