Job marketing

Using the right channels to find the right people

Why job marketing?

Job marketing is an effective way to reach the right candidates by posting vacancies on job boards and by using campaigns via social media and display advertising. Our specialists monitor and optimise action-oriented campaigns and determine which channels produce the best results. We have all the knowledge in-house and make no assumptions but decisions based on data. So you know for sure that your budget is being used in the right way. 


Job boards are the place for jobseekers to find the right job. There are different types of job boards: more generic but also niche job boards or regional job boards.

We ensure that your vacancy is placed on all suitable job boards so that your vacancies have the widest and most relevant reach.

Google for jobs

Google for jobs is a database of various vacancies and offers the ideal opportunity to bring your vacancies to the attention of a large group. 

We help you to optimise the use of Google for jobs so that your vacancies stand out. By automating and optimising this process, we guarantee the best results.

Social media recruitment

By advertising on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, we bring your vacancies to the attention of both active and latent job seekers. 

By targeting very specifically on age, gender, region and interests, we ensure that the recruitment campaign reaches exactly the right people on the relevant channels in all phases of the candidate journey.

Display advertising

Through online display advertising, we ensure that the right group sees your vacancies. We do this by setting up effective campaigns that generate extra traffic to your job site. This enables you to attract and retain the right people.

With interactive, customised banners we reach your ideal candidates via their desktop or mobile phone by precisely targeting for example region, gender, age, interests.

This is how we work

We look at exactly what you need in terms of job marketing and campaign management. We always take into account your wishes, budget and possibilities. We always come up with a well-founded plan of action so you know exactly what our cooperation looks like.

Why BW analytics for job marketing?

We know exactly which buttons to push in order to bring your vacancies to the attention of your target group of candidates.

Smart, action-oriented campaigns for your vacancies?

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