Job posting

All the ingredients for rock-solid, SEO-optimised job ads

Why job posting?

With the online information flow becoming more extensive, it is more important than ever to have good job ads in the recruitment process. A vacancy text with the right search terms (SEO) is in fact the first important step in appealing to potential applicants. Yet this is no guarantee that your job posting will reach the right people. We have developed a smart technology that makes use of semantic search term terminology. This way you are guaranteed to reach the right people with your job adverts. 

Job optimisation

Careful, recruiting and target group-oriented vacancy texts are indispensable to leave a good impression on your ideal candidate.

Our copywriters know what it takes to rewrite your texts and transform them into powerful, appealing texts that stand out from the large online job listings. They not only provide you with texts that give the right information about your company, but with the right tone of voice they also know how to strike a sensitive chord with your target audience.

Writing vacancies from scratch

BW analytics does not only take care of job optimization. We can also take care of the entire job posting for your company.

With our knowledge, expertise and fluent pen, we have all the ingredients to write the best possible vacancy texts: texts that stand out, contain the right information and connect with the target group they are intended for. This not only ensures a larger pool of top candidates, but also prevents unsuitable candidates from responding, making the selection process faster and more efficient. 

SEO optimisation

Strong, appealing texts form the basis of a good vacancy. But it is just as important that the vacancy is also visible to the intended target group. Therefore, the use of the right SEO search terms is an indispensable part of job posting for a successful recruitment process.

Moreover, it is known that SEO traffic converts well. This is due to the search intent of the visitors: they are actively looking for specific jobs. In short: SEO is the link between supply and demand.  

We take this one step further: by using semantic search terminology, we can be very focused. And all this via a fully automated process: this not only saves time, but also a lot of money.

This is how we work

We look at exactly what you need in terms of job posting: strong texts that can reach a specific target group. By using semantic technology, we can determine very precisely when a text scores well. Thanks to our automation, everything is just a click away. By making the job posting process as efficient as possible, you can make the best use of your budget.

Why BW analytics for job posting?

Our copywriters create rock-solid SEO-optimised job postings that catch the eye of your ideal candidates. 

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