A well-founded strategic plan to grow in the right way

Why strategy?

A company that wants to grow needs new people. Planning, timing and making the right choices are crucial here. With our strategic knowledge, we can set up, streamline and optimise this process or even take it off your hands. We provide your company with a recruitment plan, deliver a tailor-made roadmap for your team to get started or provide a total solution (RPO) with interim recruiters, ATS integration and automation. 

Strategic recruitment plan

Our strategic recruitment plan is a plan worked out from A to Z in which we go through all the steps that are important for a successful recruitment procedure. This plan brings together various services and we work according to a fixed structure. 

We look at the goals and the capacity and align these goals by forecasting supply and demand and determining lead-to-hire time. We then create a well-founded strategy based on things like website analysis, target group analysis, candidate journey analysis and lead and conversion generation. Our experts know exactly what is needed to set up a targeted recruitment strategy. At the end, this strategy is carefully evaluatedand optimised if necessary. 

Growth plan

Our growth plan is a customised plan that facilitates growth. It is the ideal option for fast-growing organisations that have their own recruitment team but need help with the various components, or for secondment and temporary employment agencies with large growth targets that need a detailed plan.

We plan and manage the recruitment process for your recruitment team from A to Z to enable rapid growth.


For organisations that want to keep the recruitment process in their own hands, but need a well-founded plan of action, we can draw up a comprehensive roadmap. In this roadmap we map out, step-by-step, all the necessary steps to attract the right staff and facilitate growth. We function here as a strategic partner, who can show you the way and make adjustments where necessary. 

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is ideal for organisations that want to outsource the entire recruitment process. We deliver a strategic recruitment plan, quality leads, as well as interim recruiters, ATS integration and automation to maximise capacity utilisation. 

This is how we work

We look at exactly what you need in terms of strategy. We always take into account your wishes, budget and possibilities. Our specialists know exactly how to get to the heart of the matter; they have tackled large-scale interim projects and/ or held management positions. During the intake, we analyse the problem without obligation and come up with an advice and action plan. This plan is always tailor-made: we think first from the client's perspective and then from the solution's perspective. 

Why BW analytics for strategy?

Our experience and expertise make us your ideal knowledge partner in the field of online recruitment. We provide your company with the right strategy to grow and, if desired, take the recruitment process from A to Z out of your hands.

Looking for the right strategy to really grow?

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