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Grip on the recruitment process through automation and smart systems

Why website & tech?

A conversion-focused recruitment site is essential for reaching and engaging the right candidates. Using the best recruitment software and automated processes, we provide a streamlined recruitment process that allows you to quickly move from lead-to-prospect to lead-to-hire. From connecting lead channels to conversion optimisation and all links to job boards: we take care of it all.

Working for us

One of the most important parts of a recruitment strategy is the "work for you" site. This is the place where your branding strategy is expressed, because it is your company's calling card for new candidates. We provide a conversion-oriented, rock-solid working environment. 

ATS integration (recruitment software)

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is specific software that allows companies, HR departments or recruiters to manage candidates at every stage of the process. 

We can implement our developed tools in your ATS system or you can use our fine-tuned system. Think of AVG, automatic follow-ups, data hygiene and easy conversion to placement. We ensure that the conversion process runs smoothly so that you go from lead-to-prospect to candidate-to-hire as quickly as possible. 

Because your HR department can work in a more targeted way with our tools, you can find the right people faster, easier and cheaper. 

Process Automation

We are great advocates of automating processes. Because: if your recruiters or HR departments spend less time selecting large numbers of 'bad leads', they have more time for actual contact with candidates. 

By using our system, you ensure that the database is updated immediately. Our well thought out smart system, which is based on in-depth search criteria, automatically matches candidates with vacancies. Moreover, the system eliminates bias and makes choices based on skills. 

Website conversion optimisation

When the intended candidates come to your job site, you are not there yet. It is also important that they take action. In short: you want a website that converts. To see how this can be optimised, our experts help with conversion optimisation (CRO). They determine what points for improvement there are and make a report of this.

We do research based on data and test what the bottlenecks are so that your work-at-home website converts optimally.

This is how we proceed:

We will identify your website & tech needs and then look at what areas you need help with. We can take care of everything concerning the work-at-home site, or just a few parts. When you submit a request to us, you will receive customised advice within 24 hours. We always come up with a well-founded plan of action so you know exactly what our cooperation will look like. Our experts are independent and our rates are transparent and set in advance.

Why BW analytics for work-at-home sites?

We help you with all your website & tech needs, such as a rock-solid 'work for you' site, the best recruitment software, process automation and conversion optimisation. So you can find your ideal candidates quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Using our smart systems?

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